Turnkey Solutions

We have built our capabilities to ensure that Modular Automation is a one stop shop for Automation projects. We design, build and control entire production lines or integrate a module into existing lines. Our service extends to also include training, testing and installation on site so all our clients have to do is switch it on. All of projects are started and finished at our single base of operations in Shannon, Ireland.


Concept Development - We engage with clients to understand a product and its existing production processes (where possible). We then generate ideas using our engineering know- how and personnel from design and build departments. These concepts are then presented to the client for review.


R&D - We are constantly engaging in R&D projects to assess the ability of a concept to carry out the required function. Our clients are given regular reports on progress for their project. The engineers work closely to adapt and constantly improve the project to generate the desired result.


POP - A successful R&D project can lead on to a proof of principle. We take the findings of the R&D assessment and apply to the client’s product. This will verify if the process is viable and will provide consistent outcomes in line with client expectations.


Assembly - Our facility enables us to operate on several different projects at one time. Through our custom built Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software we are able to orchestrate part order directly from 3D models. Our network of suppliers is continually evaluated on the system for compliance and delivery. In truth we have a very qualified group of suppliers.


Debug - Our engineers establish problem areas as the build progresses and find suitable solutions that consider the long term running of the machine. Our design process allows for testing of the mechanisms in digital form. Major issues have been addresses before this time.


Testing - The same engineers that carried out the build will now be responsible for testing that machine. Each test run is logged and reported in detail the customer. Problems established at this stage are addressed in-house. Only finished projects that complete the tests successfully will be sent forward for shipping.


Shipping - Modular Automation has successfully shipped goods through all of the main transport services connecting the continents. We can arrange shipping specific to your requirements, all options are available.Installation


Install - Our service guarantees that the same team that build the machine, will test and install it. We call it one team- one machine. This has proven itself to be beneficial to the customer, in respect of the onsite training given by the install team, and from a cost point of view. Individuals working on a single project understand it better and work progresses faster due to this.


Service - We take great consideration in our after care service. Whatever issues arise with one of our machines be sure an expert is at hand to deal with the problem. Parts can be ordered by Modular Automation on behalf of clients, or clients may wish to make use of our detailed drawings provided upon delivery to have parts manufactured themselves.


See below the process of generating concepts, detailed design work, testing and the 3D solid model.