Project management

An automation project is inevitably a major undertaking for any company - Depending on the size of the project, the time involved and the outcomes expected. At Modular Automation we have continually sought ways to improve our project management capabilities to ensure each and every project runs smoothly and delivers on every expectation. 








Value added software:  


By investing heavily in a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system the company has benefited from superior project control that is saving time and costs  every day. The system enables us to quote according to past records of related projects. The system tracks labor, tooling orders, documentation, alterations and scheduling throughout the life cycle of a project. For you, the customer this systems delivers a system where all stakeholders are kept up to date on project progress.


Management structure


Dedicated project managers play a vital role in keeping your project on track. Many of our management team have 20 years experience managing projects for the automation industry. Company directors sponsor each project from concept phase right through to testing to insure that Modular Automation standards are adhered to. The management team take responsibility for liaising with the client on any aspect of the project.  


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