Engineering Design

Our design department accounts for 25% of our personnel. Our dedication to getting the design absolutely perfect saves time and cost for our customers. We look at the long term when designing a machine. Will a machine do what the customer has asked, will it operate with minimal down time and will it last.


Our designers take great care in understanding how a product is produced in the current manufacturing process. By understanding each separate process they can begin to develop an automated system that does the same production, only faster, safer and better.


We understand that an automation line is desired to be in production for as long as possible. While maintenance and inspection are necessary with any machine, unexpected stoppages or breakdowns are highly undesirable. From the design stage this is taken into account and every effort is made to ensure a machine is capable of running continually for long periods. Heating, wear and corrosion are considered and avoided at an early stage. Our 3D models of each part allows testing to be carried out at the design phase and problem areas to be identified and adapted.


Machines that last are essential for our clients looking for high returns on an automation project. We have the benefit of 25 years of experience getting machines to achieve ever increasing lifetimes. For example:Understanding the very slightest impact happening during a moulding process and measuring how this will affect a machine over time is considered. The ease at which parts like Belts can be changed in the course of regular maintenance is just the surface of the consideration to which our designers are trained to administer when designing a Modular Automation machine.


With over 640 hours dedicated weekly to design be sure your machine is designed to the highest possible standards when its designed by a Modular Automation design engineer.