When it comes to tooling, Modular automation are the real experts. Our company had its beginnings as a tool maker before automation equipment became our main product. All tooling is inspected on arrival at our facility and vendors are monitored for performance. Each part we use is laser engraved with a part number and revision level for future reference.


Where we get our tooling and parts   


We have maintained the ability to machine parts at our facility. This is mainly to allow us carry out R&D, proof of principle(pop) or alter parts according to specification. The majority of our tooling needs are outsourced to companies that specialize in providing particular components. We utilize the local engineering company’s  in the Shannon region and began purchasing from the international markets in the 1990's. 


 Quality control 


Our engineers are aware of the high quality required for a Modular Automation project. That’s why the inspection, fitting and testing of every part starts from day one of a project. The lifetime requirement for the machine is considered at all stages of the build and the ability of every part to meet this demand.


Our vendor performance review ensures that parts not meeting the specification required by a particular projects will affect future purchasing decisions. The same system takes control of the bill of material (Bom) straight from the design room and manages part orders.