Contract Manufacturing


From small medical device equipment to complex engineered machines, our team have tackled a wide variety of contract equipment manufacturing projects to date. These span an increasing number of industries including medical, life sciences and consumer goods handling.


Certification and standards 


We specialise in building to the highest standards using your designs, or assisting in fine tuning your product to achieve the best results. We have in house certification capabilities in both CE marking and ISO 9001:2008. Our experience in catering to large projects has allowed us to fine tune our resources in both material supplies and scaling up production as required.




We have maintained the ability to machine parts at our facility. This is mainly to allow us carry out R&D, proof of principle(pop) or alter parts according to specification. The majority of our tooling needs are outsourced to companies that specialize in providing particular components. We utilize the local engineering company’s  in the Shannon region and where necessary, we have also purchased parts from the international markets since the mid 1990s. 



With the highest technical skills, safety certification and 25 years experience. Whether its 10 or 1000 machines - Modular Automation is the perfect partner for your next equipment manufacturing project.


Why chose Modular Automation for your next contract manufacturing project?




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